Lietuvių anglų ir kitų kalbų žodynas. Tekstų vertimas.

2011-01-07 18:01:37
zodynas, tekstu vertimas, anglu lietuviu zodynas, anglu vertimas

2014-09-23 03:10:18
Si zaidima zaiizda ir senesnes kartos zmones, tai yra tie kurie rusiskai geriau supranta negu angliskai, tai jiems si zinai turetu buti labai malaoni.
2014-09-24 12:09:01
I forgot about this <a href="">sukecr</a> Its funny looking back on older songs like this because i remember it took three hours to write my comment..Typing skills have improved since and this song still remains timeless.. one change that could be made it the last drum bit .BUt still good reminising with this and a trusty bottle of swiss sheraz that has aired over a half hour period
2014-09-26 22:19:52
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2014-09-27 01:27:54
Daaaiyv, it sounds like the<a href=""> dernarged</a>, suicidal murderer the candy man, violently flash snacks his ice-cream truck into an alleyway of bins and ladders, to where Candice headlights the predator muzzling into the guts of a hapless hobo, mutually alarmed and equally territorial, they come to an understanding through the confrontational ritual of hisses and shreiks that you would expect from a pair of child killing monsters,.. they impress each other with perverse raven warbles, and the predator rolls a gnawed skull towards the candy man to share in the dark, the credits crunch (so to speak) but we just didnt quite have enough on the coil, so we shrugged our shoulders, and re-inserted the cap from 1, to 2.7 cycles ..Daaaiyv,.. I felt teased,.. but entertained, a dark theme is always very affinitive with me, I certainly don't want to detter you from the lick of your instrumentals,..I see big time potential in it, but this , seems like a muddled composition, innovative sounding, but the plot, .is as awkward as the twist of the chicken neck. Still it's lovely to have new music again, more than anyone Daiyyv can bring the blood back' through your music,.. and erect this flacid website that has not seen any action for the past 6 months,..
2014-09-29 12:49:39
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