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2011-06-01 15:07:44
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2013-08-19 16:04:15
Thou hast hit the nail on the head. 22 minutes in genarel, and Mercer in particular, thrive on the bleak and black outlook that drives Newfoundland humour. As witness, think of the season that Colin Mochrie replaced Mercer. He didn't quite fit--not because he wasn't funny, but because his humour was a different flavour than the other three.I haven't seen the new season, since CBC has placed Rick opposite America's Top Model (which my beloved loves), so not sure if there's rust there or not, but it's a real problem for any outsider comic, once they become popular--how can Mercer possibly stay a bitter cynical outsider while becoming a cuddly CBC icon? Jon Stewart is beginning to have a similar problem of being hampered by his own hype. So long as they don't go the Dennis Miller route, I'll be happy enough.
2013-08-24 03:28:34
I can't believe its been seven years since he got his own show! It does not seem like that long ago at all. How could be <a href="">poslsbiy</a> be over-hyped? He's a Canadian staple: I've liked him since before I was old enough to know what he was talking about! But I think you raised an excellent point about Canadians. Our critique of our country and those who govern it is the greatest show of our love. Perhaps not many understand that, but I would contend that most of Canada's biggest critics are also its biggest advocates. That's what makes us awesome, especially when you consider that we can do it all while finding the humour in it and joking about ourselves. Its sad that the international community doesn't 'get' it.
2013-08-28 02:14:33
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