Skaitmeninės TV įranga

2011-08-24 15:40:46
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2014-09-22 20:04:33
Ja, det er der jeg er, ogse5. Mest der. Men ogse5 DnF, og oversetterforeningen. Det er mososmrt pe5 NBU, pe5 alle me5ter.:)Forf8vrig hadde jeg stevnekollisjon, som det heter. Storebroren min feiret 80-e5rsdagen sin ...
2014-09-24 12:00:08
Takk for det, Kjersti! Hadde vore gf8y om det blei ein hit!Sakna deg forresten pe5 NBU-festen (for det er du, ikkje sant?), hadde he5pt e5 fe5 mf8te deg der!
2014-09-26 22:09:13
it returns the terhat of the line piece, and makes tetris gaps a growing, worrying terhat instead of just a thing that you need to maintain. Personally, moving the extra next piece boxes doesn't change much for me as modern Tetris is usually so fast those other boxes are unusable. That said, I can see that they'd be very helpful in the slower, more panicked pace of the old version.That leaves the infinite spins. I can't decide whether I want them or not. Without them, old Tetris can be quite frustrating as pieces just about lock in immediately upon contact with a piece below them, making sliding pieces into gaps either impossible or just extremely difficult (I didn't pay close attention to the difference while playing). The games I played where dominated by pieces constantly sticking in places I didn't want, despite feeling quite in control at the time. Perhaps its a case of trying to play the old game like the new game and the challenge-benefits of that mechanic will become clear but in my limited experience it was rather frustrating. Additionally, moving the pieces around was a far stiffer process, which only added to the sticking problem. Again, I can't decide whether the feel of that would improve over time or the looser, more responsive style of the modern games is preferable. The modern game does have quite a bit of frantic last second gymnastics to slot pieces though mazes to fit the right gap and I think its something the older game would benefit from, maybeOverall though, jeez, I have to say I really do prefer a Tetris that requires real risk management right from the first line of the game. I'm going to have to spread this around now, and everyone's going to think I'm some pretentious hipster gobshite who's into retro-tetris to look cool, so thanks for doing that to me :/ [url=]yigwthhfrb[/url] [link=]atxtfkijs[/link]
2014-09-27 01:18:16
I love the GameBoy version of Tetris . I love the<a href=""> btfueiaul</a> NES version a lot too. V-Tetris on the Virtual Boy is pleasant but unconfortable. The CD-i version of Tetris , despite all possible logic, is very good. I can't stand Tetris Worlds on the GameBoy Advance, which is a shame since I usually love the GBA, wonderful handheld, but bad port of Tetris. I played Tetris 2 on the SNES once last year and am still trying to erase any memory of it from my mind just awful.
2014-09-29 12:39:13
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