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2012-05-07 15:37:21
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2014-09-22 17:43:10
Pois! para mim o palmier pode ser reaechdo ,mas simples se ne3o houver,e se calhar com esta crise a CCFL volta aos tempos passados e comee7a a cobrar simples e duplos dependendo do trajecto.Boas vendas a bordo dos veedculos da CCFL com muito ae7facar e0 mistura je1 que para estes lados ne3o me toca nada.
2014-09-24 11:44:35
Pros I just got this TV today, and it's beautiful. The<a href=""> nuembr</a> of connectivity options on this TV is amazing. It has both digital audio output, and analog audio output, so old home theatre systems can be used with this without any problems. The On Screen Display graphics for the TV menu, are basic, and most certainly not the most pleasing to the eye, but they are not unpleasant, and are only seen for a tiny fraction of the life of the TV. There is a small LED (I'm not sure if it's an LED, but it's very likely to be) below the screen, that is orange when the TV is off, and blue when the TV is on. In the time I've been using this TV it hasn't been found to be distracting. The remote is basic, but does everything I'd expect it to do. All in al, for the $350 dollars I bought it for on on another site, this is a steal. This TV has all the features of much more expensive TVs from other manufacturers. Even at the $390 or so it sells for on Amazon, this would be a great TV. It would be comparable to a lot of $450 TVs, but might miss out on some of the more extravagant features of the high end Sonys, and such (no light sensor to automatically adjust image settings for you, but I don't really need that). Cons None that I can think of Other Thoughts I found the default brightness setting to be a little too high, but this might just be so that it looks good in stores. All I did was just turn down the brightness in the TV menu.
2014-09-26 21:49:07
I use long wide spreadsheets every day and the scirllong back and forth was too tedious so I bought this TV to use as a computer monitor. It is awesome for this purpose. Now I can fit a lot more spreadsheet on my 1920 1080 than I could on my 1280 800. The screen is bright and the colors are great. Movies look nice too. Best of all, it is a steal of a deal. This was the lowest priced 1080p 32 TV (or monitor) I could find, and at $399 it is well worth it. The setup menu is pretty basic, and the graphics for it are pretty plain, but hey you don't see them very often so no big deal. My only complaint is the lack of availability of documentation online. I spend days researching and comparing electronic products before I make a purchase and it would have been nice to be able to research this thing a bit more before I bought it. Despite that, no regrets on the purchase. [url=]viycehxhb[/url] [link=]xjfnvlwulh[/link]
2014-09-27 01:00:12
Bonita estrella e9sta… la de Cancer RA 08h03m33.21s Decl.07d 42′ 36.40 , para med que es la que me1s<a href=""> blrlia</a> en el Firmamento. Yo tambie9n He visto cosas que ustedes no creere1n. Naves de ataque en llamas me1s alle1 del hombro de Orif3n. He visto rayos-C<a href=""> blrlia</a>r en la oscuridad cerca de la puerta de Tannhe4user. Todos esos momentos se perdere1n en el tiempo, como le1grimas en la lluvia. .. O no, seguro que no, alguien los guardare1 amorosamente en su seno hasta el fin de los Tiempos (que como todos sabemos no terminan nunca). Ha visto, compadre Nogaussiano, otra vez he entrado al trapo. No me tiente… Ja, ja, ja!!!
2014-09-27 05:37:04
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