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2012-07-21 13:18:24
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2014-09-23 11:11:38
Tatane Franchemen c un tre8 bon joueur, jai joue9 cortne lui il y a pas tre8s longtemps !!C est un joueur d avenir c est sur. Il faut le recruter e0 tout prix Mr aulas !!
2014-09-24 12:31:19
I'm doing a happy dance tonight this post was just <a href="">awmosee</a>! I love how God brought you two together! Beautiful! And I really enjoyed the photos of your children and husbands. So great!Keep walking with the King!Courtney
2014-09-26 22:50:03
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2014-09-27 01:53:11
REAL-EASEHi Jamie,As a result, I'd<a href=""> slimpy</a> like to say thank you again.The links we have effortlessly forged are an indicator of the 'energy ' the Intelligence before, behind and constantly there _ everywhere _ everything.I look forward to meeting you (and others) on the crest of the wave as the collective consciousness settles towards evolutionary outcomes that we can, together, help shape.In understanding that, individually, we may grow to better understand our human experience, I look forward to the spread of wisdom to the global take up which will lead towards sustainable solutions, implemented and agreed as a global population. (OK, so limiting belief may suggest to us that this way of being may be a little way off as yet, but if we think it so now, so may it be). So, let s imagine the day in a world populated with people and linked groups of people for whom everything just seems to fall into place.Let s imagine a day in the world in which people and groups of people go out of their way to help other people.Let s imagine a day in the world where fresh, new ideas flow like that proverbial river and problems seem to solve themselves or dissolve as if they never were.Let s imagine a day in the world in which more and more people have more and more days like that _ followed by calm sleepy nights and, next day, more time to enjoy the people and experiences that matter to us all.Let s imagine a day in the world we create where people enjoy more and more time in their default state of happiness, joy and contentment, balanced against the inevitable yet clearly understood ups and downs of a misinterpreted principled life . whilst we share and act as we are, as the responsible guardians of the day in the world we create.And as I feel that thought, I can feel the power behind it and sense the potential that we, together, can real-ease.
2014-09-29 13:18:03
I understand the coencpt of what you're saying, but I think it would help to give an example or two to demonstrate the coencpt.Here's an example of a conversation I had recently with a very close friend, that ended up leaving me feeling very "disconnected". I was disclosing to this person how worried I was about a mutual friend who, while already dealing with her troubled teenage daughter, just found out that her daughter is gay. The mother was experiencing a lot of shock, anger, and grief at finding this information out, and I was very worried for her as well as her daughter's state of mind. While telling the 3rd party about my concern, rather than just listening to me and expressing empathy for all concerned, he jumped in with 1) his very conservative views on homosexuality and 2) a full-blown psychology lecture explaining why the girl's dysfunctional home life had probably influenced her sexual orientation.I sat there stunned at the immediate and total disconnection I instantly felt from him, because of his focus on his thinking, rather than just listening to me and realizing that I had shared this news with the intent of receiving understanding of my concern and empathy for my friend and her daughter.It took me a day or two to process why I felt so unsatisfied at the end of our conversation, but once I figured it out, I vowed to pay much better attention to this phenomena in future conversations with people and to avoid falling into the same trap myself. [url=]dyrdkep[/url] [link=]geiskhdw[/link]
2016-06-28 22:02:08
Passive-aggressiveness is called &#l8n0;manipu2atio2.&#8221; So, address this, each and every time. Address the behavior, not the person. It is a respectful way to ensure that it stops with you.Stating that you will not be manipulated by anyone is a healthy response, and they know that you have &#8220;no difficulty calling it exactly what it is!&#8221; They will stop.

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