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Kompiuteriai,buitinÄ— technika

2014-09-23 02:45:39
I second the call for a meohtds paper on how to organize a genome project without a central grant and the hierarchy that comes with it. We do not, in fact, have the genome for wheat. At >10 GB, the genome of wheat is over fifty times the size of strawberry, consists of three closely related homoeologous sets of chromosomes and is loaded with so much repetitive sequence it makes the genome of CORN look simple.
2014-09-24 12:11:22
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2014-09-26 22:23:58
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On a similar issue, I <a href="http://mmpdtla.com">recltney</a> wrote the following letter to a few leaders at Pandora:Hello,I had a nice exchange with Etienne that I wanted to share with all of yousince the issue is important to me. Please rest assured, I will not beharassing you on this or any other subject. I just want to be sure (this onelast time) that my point gets heard.As I wrote previously, I think you are offering a wonderful andrevolutionary service. Direct and granular feedback from your listeners isexactly what the internet is all about. Kudos to you for taking the ball andrunning with it!As a listener primarily interested in instrumental music of the past, myuser experience with Pandora is not what it should be, IMHO. Since your ban feature is currently based on performance artists rather thancomposers, I am being continually harassed by composers I have repeatedlygiven a thumbs-down to.Why must this be? Do you have something in your license agreements with themusic companies that requires this? If not, please consider a technicalsolution to this perceived problem.I propose that you add two new user selectable configuration options to yourservice:1) A radio button at the application level:For ban purposes (across all radio stations), _ Treat the performer as the artist _ Treat the composer as the artist2) A radio button at the individual radio station level:For ban purposes (for this station only), _ Treat the performer as the artist _ Treat the composer as the artistThank you for your consideration and I apologize if I have overstepped mybounds.'Geo
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