Qualitus - privatūs renginiai

2013-01-03 14:54:49
Renginiu organizavimas, renginiu organizatoriai, privatus renginiai, renginio vedejas, garso aparatu

2013-08-19 20:15:07
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2013-08-24 04:06:10
Hiya Bob,If all theology is<a href=""> piactioll</a> (to the churhc historian) then why didn't the early church becoome a bunch of Shammaites and go on a prototype crusade? (spelling?)Your theological tunnel vision, that all things relate back to Jesus being a Palestinian Robin Hood who eschewed arrows, is really a shame. Your Jesus is a cute little Jesus who is nice to drag out when you want to talk politics. Zowie, your take on Matthew 14:7 is some really, really stinky-bad exegesis. In fact, it is ihavethissquarepeganyoneseenaroundhole eisegesis. For cryin out loud, didn't anyone teach you about context? What happened just prior to Christ saying that? Don't bother telling me that if some person worshipped Christ in a fashion that "wasted" a lot of money you wouldn't go off on them. Remember, Bob, who was it that was protesting the "waste" of money for the worship of Jesus the Christ? Was Christ's exhortation to the rich, young ruler about money or was it about the first and second commandment? Was Jesus saying Luke 9:23? Or was he commanding the new legalism in the liberal church? Please, Bob, no lectures about idols from you, you've got a big one on your dashboard.If Christ's truth is public truth, in the thereitiswhycantyouseeit way, then what is 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 talking about?Seriously, "conservatives love to quote"? Please, Bob, for everytime I have heard Matthew 7:1 or the beatitudes addressed as ethics by a liberal who totally rejects Christ...Jason
2013-08-28 02:52:48
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2016-06-28 21:21:16
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